UV Ultra Vac

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Special ultraviolet light technology damages dust mite DNA and stops them from spreading

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Anti-allergy bedding and upholstery vacuum

  • Scientifically certified UV cleaning technology
  • Promotes a better night’s sleep
  • Reduces dust mite and bed bug infestations by more than 90%
  • True HEPA filter prevents 99.9% of the allergens removed from being dispersed into air
  • Powerful vacuum sucks up mites and their waste
  • Anti-bacterial  –  kills 99.9% of salmonella, E.coli and Staphylicoccus
  • UV safety feature  –  light only activates when on a flat surface
  • Flexible telescopic handle  –  90cm reach
  • Long 5 meter power cable
  • Lightweight  –  only weights 2 kilos
  • Includes 40 inch crevice cleaning hose attachment
  • Also work on pillows, upholstery and rugs


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