Mole Chaser

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Keep burrowing rodents out of your garden forever

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Keep burrowing rodents out of your garden forever

Environmentally friendly way of keeping gardens and lawns free of destructive ground rodents.

The MOLE CHASER produce a penetrating vibration over an area of approx. 1500 sq. meters(13500 sq. ft.) at about 25 second interval.

Burrowing rodents affected: moles, ground squirrels, shrews, voles, pocket mice, gophers and snakes.

Weather resistant.

No chemicals.

User friendly.

Utilizing the principle of centrifugal force to create sound and vibration by motor. Suitable for sandy or agricultural areas and is also used for grain stores.


Dimensions: 41.5*8 cm

Weight: 400 g w/o battery

Power supply: 1.5 V (4XD cell batteries)

Effective range: 1500sq. meters (13500 sq. ft.) unobstructed


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